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Early Summer Gardening Tips

June has arrived and this year is going to be a great one. I’ve got for you some great early summer gardening tips which are going to make this Summer the best one yet.

The quick clean up and wash down

The retched cold and miserable winter will have undoubtedly left your garden in a bit of a state I’m sure. But not to worry. The first stage is to have a quick clean up.

1) Get rid of any junk, old garden furniture, broken pots. Rake up any leaves and twigs lying around.

2)  Grab yourself a lawn edger and edge away recreating that neat boundary you had beGarden rakefore.

3) Clean any wooden decking, stone patios and paved pathways the quick, easy and cheapest way. One pressure washer with plain water and blast away.

Already your garden will start to take shape.

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Save money this year, Don’t be the big spender.

Your garden is a place of luxury which should come at no extra cost. There are plenty of ways to save money in your garden and here are a few tips.

Two simple words which are going to save you money. Water but. Composter

Your drains are going to collect water right? and your plants are thirsty?

Yup you got it. 2 + 2 = 6. Ok maybe not but i’m sure you’ve got the idea.

Placing one or two inexpensive, nice looking water butts under your drain pipes will help you become the environmental super hero that everyone is looking for. Wuhoo.

don’t forget you can camouflage your water buts as well so that they blend into your garden.

Next money saving tip is your composter. You want a nutrient rich mulch right? Well make it yourself and for free. Just add leaves, grass cuttings and pruned branches and there you have it.

Stop being a pest

Two garden nightmares that are far too common to be ignored.

Pests and weeds.

Remember you don’t need to remove pests from your garden yourself. Let nature do the job for you.


Provide a habitat for natural predators, ladybirds, frogs and birds and let them to the cleaning up.

Don’t and I mean DON’T flood the place with chemicals.

Follow these few tips and you’l be off to a good start to the Summer

I’m sure you have many tips you want to share. Why not leave them below.