How to trim a hedge properly

Below are some very simple, very easy to follow steps on how to trim a hedge properly. You really don’t need to look elsewhere. If you follow and stick to these tips they will help you from a to z

The first thing to bear in mind is that if you give your hedge the attention  it needs, and it has been maintained, kept even, and cut  into shape then you
park-424778_1920 will be left with  a very beautiful and smart boundary

This is what you want to be aiming for,  a good looking hedge, a healthy hedge, and a hedge that’s going to keep you happy.

On the other hand what you don’t want happening is a hedge which is all over the place. First of all this will put you off from your own garden as it will have lost its shape, but not only that it will start casting unwanted shade.

The solution is quite simple you see. Having an organised schedule will allow you to keep your hedge in shape and looking the part without you having to exert too much time into it. Honestly minimal effort yet maximum results.


Which  tool to use


For a quick trim here and there or for quite a small hedge, hand shears will be fine especially if they are kept sharp.
Remember blunt shears are going to be a night mare.

However for longer hedges you will need an  electric or battery or petrol-powered hedge trimmer.

I will discuss each one separately later on.

These tools will make life a lot easier for you and make sure you are not left with tired arms at the end of your hedge trimming session.

(Click the picture to grab a bargain)


Getting the season right.

The best time to start hedge trimming is in the spring. The reason for this is that if cut in Winter or at a time when there are extremely low temperatures the new cuts become exposed and may react badly. However, pruning times may vary depending on the type of the hedge.


Now on with the trimming.

When you start working
on your hedge go for the large branches first and then aim for finer pruning as this will make life a lot easier.

You want to start with the top. To get a flat top you should be able to cut by eye if the hedges haven’t grown too tall. If they have an easy solution is to use two stakes and a string.

When cutting you want to cut downwards making the top of the hedge narrower and keeping the base wider. This is so the bottom of the hedge is not prevented from the Sun and light that it needs.

Once the hedge has been cut, remove away all trimming. This will help with controlling any sort of fungal disease from spreading. Sometimes your plant will not be able to be protected from such diseases. If it does die or is considerably damaged and it is beyond saving then wait until Autumn and then replace the hedge plant.


Finally. Once you have your hedges cut they would need watering and mulching in order to keep them in the best condition.


Warning. Make sure no birds are nesting as it is an offence to damage or destroy their nests.

Have you got any tips or lessons to share on hedge trimming? If so please do leave a comment below.

Also in the comments below leave some topics which you would like to see being discussed.


10 thoughts on “How to trim a hedge properly

  1. renan

    Hi Adam
    In the article on how to trim a hedge properly you’re suggesting that also can be used hand shears if the bushes are not so great.
    I usually use hand shears to prune the bushes of my house but I always have difficulty in finding adequate scissors.
    Perhaps you could recommend some special hand shears?
    Thanks for sharing your experience in this type of care.

    1. Adam Post author

      Hi there Renan

      Thanks for your comment. What I will do is put a link up directing readers to some good quality shears.

      Thanks for your comments. Im glad I was of some help

  2. Matt's Mom

    I love to work in my yard and do my own yard work. So, this post was of interest to me. I have always wanted to add hedges to my landscape, but somewhat reluctant because I wasn’t really sure how to keep them looking nice. Actually, after reading this post, it looks quite simple and I already have all the tools I need. Thank you for sharing this. I am glad I ran across your website!

    1. Adam Post author

      Hi there

      Im glad I was of some help. Hedges will bring life to your landscape. They keep things looking nice and tidy and in order and give great structure. I’m sure you’l do a great job in getting them looking the part

      Good luck

  3. Alex

    Hi, thank you for such an interesting post!
    I have a hedge in my garden that I need to trim every year. I’ve never tried to trim them my self, but as you explain it seems easy to do and with the price I have to pay once to a gardener I can buy one of those tools you suggest!
    I’m really excited about this, and this year I’m going to follow your steps and to do it myself!
    Thank you so much

    1. Adam Post author

      Hi there Alex

      Yes ofcourse. Once you give it a go yourself I guarantee you will fall in love with it. Then your garden will mean so much more to you

  4. John

    I have several rows of Hedges to trim each year around my house. I use to trim them in a round pattern, the last three years I changed it to a square pattern. The Hedges do not touch each other and I can walk between them to retrieve the occasional ball that gets behind them. I have both the rechargeable and electric trimmers. I have used the hand trimmers in the past and my arms get very tired if I try to trim more that a few feet of Hedges.

    1. Adam Post author

      hi there

      Rechargeable and electric trimmers are good. However for maximum power and least effort you may want to consider a petrol powered trimmer. They may be slightly heavier however they are much more powerful and you will be able to get through alot more hedge cutting in a shorter amount of time

  5. Vinnie Prasad

    Staying organised and regularly maintenance does stop my hedges from getting out of control. I remember there was a time i was overseas for about 6 months and came back to my hedges being out of line and portion.

    What brand of hedge trimmers are reliable and can last for a considerable amount of years?.

    I have always bought the cheap home brand ones and of course end up being disappointed as they breakdown after a couple of months. But this time i want to invest into something of quality.

    1. Adam Post author

      hi Vinnie.

      You havejust given me an idea for a new post

      soon ill be reviewing some of the latest hedge trimmers out there to help you find out which is best for value


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