How to get rid of weeds from the flower beds?

How to get rid of weeds from the flower beds

Weeds can get everywhere and be a real nightmare. In this article I will not only discuss how to get rid of weed from the flower beds but show you how to get rids of weeds once and for all.

To put it simply. A weed is a plant in the wrong place. They’re wild, grow in places they are not wanted and are usually a nightmare to get rid. The worst things is that if you try and get rid of them in the wrong way, you will only end up with more weeds which is why it’s important you get this right.

I have some very easy, simple to follows tips for you so that, not only will you be able to get rid of your weeds but you’ll stop them from coming back!!!

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You want to try and be as efficient as possible. Cover the largest area with the least amount of effort and avoid causing unwanted damage. All will be explained very soon.

What not to do

What you don’t want to be doing is pulling, tugging or digging the weeds. Basically the stuff we always do to try and get rid of them, which then leave us with blistered hands and an aching back. Think about it. When we go about this  the old fashioned way, grabbing a hoe and hacking away what we end up doing is breaking the surface of the soil which then brings up weed seeds to the surface. Basically the ideal place and environment for them to germinate.  Whereas before they were too far down to be able to grow.

So no pulling, no tugging and no digging. You get me.

One Quick mention since we’re talking about hoeing. If you have yourself a nice sharp hoe it will be handy to shave off the surface, but this will only be good for weed seedlings nothing larger. Also, when digging and hoeing be careful not to damage the roots of wanted plants.

Easy solution, don’t use a hoe


The quick and cheap solution.

There are quite a few solutions to getting rid of weeds. Some may be expensive and very effective whilst others may seem cheap, but not be so effective.

I have a cheap solution which if done properly can be quite affective.

Black plastic bag. Or bin bag, bin liner whatever you wanna call it. This cuts off the light air and water of the roots however might not be the best looking solution.  Anyway you can always cover the bags with something. Once the weeds have died just rake away.

Solution number two Mulching

If you don’t know much about mulching no worries, there was a time when I didn’t either.

There are many benefits to mulching but the one which we need here is that it’s also used to suppress weeds.

I’ll shall soon have a separate article on what mulching is and how to mulch, but for now remember mulching is going to prevent weed seeds from germinating.

You could use bark chipping which is a cheaper option especially if you have a lot of ground to cover or you could use gravel, which might be a bit expensive but would do a very good job.

The aim is to try and deny the weeds access to light however allow rain and air to reach the soil.

One interesting technique is to use a layer or two of newspaper covered with a mulch of leaves and grass. Trust me give it a go and you’d be surprised.

Become a weed killer with chemical control.

One option for your weeds is chemical control. However don’t forget that just like the hoeing problem if care is not taken you may end up killing desirable plants, and of course we don’t want that happening now do we.

Different weed killers are available for different kinds of weeds so you may have to do a bit of research. Always read the label

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Now its time to go out there and teach those weeds a lesson.

If you have any tips or tricks which you know about why not leave a comment below.



6 thoughts on “How to get rid of weeds from the flower beds?

  1. Carlton Gonder

    Thank you for the much-needed article!
    Thank you for the most natural ways of getting the weed out of flowerbeds. Now realizing that what was being done was just helping the weeds grow. Will try few of your suggesting is before going the route of using chemicals. Will keep you posted and the outcome of everything after trying them out.

    Yours Truly,

    1. Adam Post author

      Thanks a lot. Please do keep us all informed on the outcome. We would really love to know how it goes.

  2. Glen

    Very informative article. I did not realize that the pulling or tugging out plants really does not solve the problem with weeds or other unwanted plants. I have used weed killing chemicals, but prefer not to do that. And I have used the newspaper method setting up a barrier with newspaper and covering with mulch. That works well.

    1. Adam Post author

      I havn’t tried the newspaper covering with mulch just yet. But will be trying it out. I’ve heard some good feedback on it

  3. Anna

    These are some really helpful tips – thank you!

    How many of us have been doing it the wrong way and, as you say, killing our backs in the process! It’s really time to get rid of weeds the right (and permanent) way!

    I don’t know much about mulching, so I’m looking forward to reading more about that in your upcoming article! I didn’t realize it’s an effective method of weed control as well.

    Thanks again, I appreciate the great information!


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